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Made for the farm, by the farm.

Founded by farmer James Hart, the HUSK data app was born out of a desire to do things efficiently & in a modern way. 


From what started as a glorified google document James & his team developed a way to capture data on the farm in real-time.

Its sole aim is to simplify the transfer which is all currently paper recorded data on the farm, into an electronic format. Making it easy to record and simple to retrieve.

Green Orchard


It soon became apparent that on-the-go accumulation of numbers, paper and knowledge on large farms was key to reviewing, reflecting & creating new business decisions driven by accurate information.

From fuel to produce the data allowed James & his team to get a clear overview of what was happening across the business.

More importantly it saved huge amounts of time collecting all the data & delivered it readily prepared to view and interrogate

& Then...

More importantly it cut out a lot of time-wasting exercises, chasing, loosing & filing paperwork.


Long gone are the days of giant folders full of paper work, resulting in time saving as well as, data driven decisions.

It was decided to turn the concept into a native app that the team could use anywhere on the farm, allowing all the data to flow to the admin where the data was gathered & reports were generated.


Since sharing the app with neighbouring farmers it has become apparent that there is no app out there that can achieve this simple progression from paper to electronic.

So here we are ready to show you how to revolutionise how an old industry can manage its data processes to create a smoother flowing business model.

& thats our story.

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