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Data You Can Trust

Fast & Reliable 
Real-Time Data

Scrap the paper.  Save time in collecting data. Manage the daily function of your farm in one easy app. 

01. Fast & Agile

We are being asked to farm more efficiently and to do that we need to record what we have done.

Data can be boring to capture but it needs to be done at the time or it is never available again!

02.  Accurate & Paperless

On farm we need to know what we have done, what we have, and where it is; where the bales are and how many of them, what grain has been moved and from where


We have created a simple system that can replace all data that is currently captured with handwritten forms (and lots of data that is not captured at all) and collect it in one place.

03. Real-Time Data Capture

Data capture is an increasingly vital element in determining a farms efficiency, and in the future it will be essential for accessing Carbon reduction payments and proving environmental work.

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Understand Your
Farm Better

Every farm is different and wants to record different things, so we've made HUSK data simple and flexible for every farmer to use.

Whether it is bales of straw, loads of logs, lorries of grain, cultivations, or pig pen weights - your forms can be easily altered to keep a record of what has happened on your farm on a daily basis.



Our Belief.

Let’s get modern and efficient with our data.


No matter how you may want to use farm data, firstly you need to capture it and get it into a useable form. app will help you do that.

Our purpose.

To capture farm data quickly & easily.


We are being asked to farm more efficiently and to do that we need to record what we have done.  Recording needs to be quick and easy, flexible, accurate, immediately available and paperless.

Our Technology.

HUSK data is a data capture app, specifically designed for the farming industry. Grown from the idea of working with a simpler, smarter & more sustainable future in mind .


As seen in

Richard Heiman

CEO at Mikron

“The last 12 months has been a joy – within seconds of loading a lorry the data is available; date, crop, vehicle reg, weight, store number and importantly fixing number so tracking a load query takes a few seconds – so useful.”

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